4ML DSC 2291My name is Marisa.  I came to England at the age of 8 years from Germany.

The only word I could say in English was “hello” so I was very nervous on my first day at Eversfield in September 2014.  I was worried that I would not make friends because I could not speak any English but when I came to the school everyone ran to me and we made great friends.

The school really helped me, at the beginning for example I had extra English lessons with Mrs Dean which was very helpful and I really enjoyed them.

One day the whole school entered a challenge to write a ‘Superhero story’ and my story called Sticky Olivia was published in the book and this was after just six months in England!  Now after two years at Eversfield my English is almost better than my German and Russian, which are my first languages. 

At school I enjoy after school clubs like Tap and Photography but my absolute favourite is Drama Club.  My parents were very proud of me when I made the FINAL of the House Verse and Prose. I really enjoy my time at Eversfield.