At Eversfield I have had so many opportunities.

A first opportunity came to me through LAMDA Acting, which is a club that is run at lunchtimes. I was given the chance to perform at the Dudley Festival. In my first year I was awarded 3rd place for my monologue and 1st place in my group in the duologue. The following year I was awarded 1st place in my group for my monologue and 1st overall, with my friend Emily in the duologue; we won a trophy each.

Another opportunity is when we were doing our 11+ exams and I auditioned for a music scholarship. I was grade 3 on the cello, grade 2 on the piano and I have always loved singing. Although I didn’t get a full scholarship, I was offered a Music Exhibition at Warwick School and a Choral Award at Solihull School. I wouldn’t have been able to have achieved this if it wasn’t for the incredible music teachers at Eversfield, who have supported me all the way.

My time in Form Six started very well as I became Head Boy, which was something I was really hoping for when it was time to vote. My time at Eversfield has been really enjoyable all the way from Kindergarten to Form 6 and I have made many friends, who I hope will last me my entire life. I am very happy that I started my schooling at Eversfield.  I will be moving on to Warwick School with some of my friends and I know that I will recognise lots of Eversfield old boys there too!