Eversfield Preparatory School offers academic scholarships for children entering Form 3.

A maximum of two scholarship awards will be offered to external candidates each academic year. The basis of the awards will be on academic excellence and successful performance in the 7+ examination.

Applicants must be registered as prospective pupils at School. This can be done by completing a registration form and returning it to the Registrar with the registration fee. Parents should contact the Registrar indicating that they wish their child to sit the 7+ scholarship examination.  

Scholarship applicants wishing to join School in September 2019 should register by Wednesday 9th January 2019. The 7+ examination will take place on Thursday 10th January 2019.

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Means-tested bursaries are available for direct entry to Form 3 and above.

Applicants need to complete a bursary application form and a registration form, although the £75 registration fee is not required. Forms must be submitted by December 31st in the academic year prior to a successful applicant joining School. Initially applications will be assessed during a home visit from an independent agency. A shortlist of applicants will then be invited to visit Eversfield during the Lent Term.  Following this the Bursary Committee will determine how many awards can be made for the next academic year. Any any financial assistance would be reviewed on an annual basis but is unlikely to change unless financial circumstances alter.

Please contact the Registrar for further information.

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