1 Time for Tea


If I happen to look out of my classroom window at about half past one on a Wednesday afternoon, I can be sure to see a small procession of Form 1 cooks, with hands freshly washed and sleeves rolled up, all heading off with Mrs Brown to the Food Technology Room in Upper School. Read more
1 Ranbirs letter

Psst! This Lesson is Secret!

By the time you read this, mothers up and down the country will have had their hearts well and truly melted by thoughtful cards and lovely gifts. Maybe they will even have enjoyed breakfast in bed and will have been taken out for a hearty lunch. Read more
1 Stop Motion Videos

Lights, Camera and a Little Bit of Action!

Poor Katie Morag! Driven to distraction by her new baby sister’s constant howling, she goes out on a blustery day and hurls her favourite teddy bear into the Atlantic Ocean. Within minutes, she bitterly regrets what she has done. Read more
1 Stinky Science at Eversfield

Stinky Science

If you thought things couldn’t get any more exciting at Eversfield following our recent Reading and Writing Festival…well, think again! We celebrated British Science Week on the theme of Journeys with such memorable investigations and challenges that no-one could be left in any doubt that Science must be the most marvellous subject on the planet! For Form... Read more
1 A School Full of Magic

A School full of Stories

A visitor arriving unexpectedly at school last Thursday morning would have been forgiven for thinking that Eversfield has a new school uniform. A uniform consisting of black cloaks, wands and round spectacles. Apart from Harry and Hermione, we had Horrid Henry, Moody Margaret, Mary Poppins and Robin Hood. Read more
1 What a Relief

What a Relief!

You have no doubt heard of the sporting expression ‘a game of two halves’. Well, it sounds as though Mrs Hastings’ Geography lesson with 4ML was a lesson of two halves, unequal in time but most certainly equal in both interest and genuine fascination. Read more

London’s Burning

Imagine if you walked unsuspectingly into your classroom one day after lunch and found an apparently random collection of objects strewn all over the floor…a wine bottle (empty, before you ask!), some cheese, a few biscuits and a little bit of spilt flour. Read more
Blog RLW MFL 2 Everyone is fine

French Spoken Here

These days it seems to me that the phrase “How are you?” is used as much as part of a greeting as it is in a genuine enquiry. There is no particular expectation of a response, and even less so of a detailed discussion of one’s woes and ailments. Read more