01 The Show Must Go On

Shakespeare Week: The Show Must Go On

Shakespeare Week has become a March tradition for Form 5 at Eversfield and this year was no exception. Looking back, it’s impossible to overstate what an achievement it was for pupils and teachers alike. Read more

St Patrick's Day

Last week in Nursery, amidst all the special preparations for Mother’s Day, the teachers still managed to make time to remember St Patrick, whose special day fell on Tuesday. Of course, around the world, and not least in Birmingham, with processions cancelled and merriment curtailed, this year St Patrick’s Day was largely overlooked. Read more
01 Fun with Fractions

Fun with Fractions

2HM enjoyed a Maths lesson with a difference this week when Miss Murphy asked everyone to design a bookmark. I know what you’re thinking…bookmarks don’t have anything to do with Maths! But this was a very special bookmark…a fraction bookmark! Fractions are revisited regularly within the Mathematics curriculum at Eversfield. Read more
01 All About Spring

All About Spring

One ray of hope in the current gloom is that signs of spring are all around us. We are no longer heading home from school in darkness, and the daffodils are approaching their glorious best. Discovering the pattern of the seasons is very important for early learners. Read more
1 Castle Explorers

Castle Explorers

By the time you read this, the children in Form 1 will have enjoyed a day at Tamworth Castle and will no doubt have spent hours regaling their families and friends with exciting tales of their adventures. Last week, however, was all about the preparation. Read more
01 The Eversfield Scholars

More Scholarly Pursuits

Being a scholar at Eversfield is an enormous amount of fun. If you happen to walk past the Denney shortly after eleven o’clock on a Thursday morning, you can be sure to hear peals of laughter ringing out as the scholars get to grips with their latest challenge. Read more
01 Perfectly Penguin

Perfectly Penguin

The teachers in Reception always like to make the most of the chilly winter weather by studying the coldest topic they can think of – Polar Regions! As ever, the topic is intended to be completely immersive for the children, so it’s virtually impossible to find an individual lesson in RLW about which to blog. Read more
1 Fractions in Action

Fractions in Action

There has been an outbreak of fractions in Eversfield at the moment. We are working on them in Form 3, and they are also the current focus in Form 4, where Mr Robbins’ children have been exploring equivalent fractions. On the face of it, fractions should be easy to understand. Read more