01 Poetry is Fun

Poetry is Fun

“That was so much fun!” These are some of the most gratifying words a teacher can hope to hear at the end of any lesson and, happily, they rang out frequently in Middle School last week as the children enjoyed their annual Poetry Week. Read more
Creating in the mud kitchen

Whatever the Weather

Much has been said recently about the importance of fresh air. At Eversfield, we have been keeping windows open to improve ventilation and, where possible, we have tried to take our teaching and learning outside. On occasion, earlier in the year, it has certainly been a little bit chilly. Read more
01 Feed The Birds

Feed the Birds

How many times have you been driven to distraction by squirrels stealing food from the bird feeders in your garden? They dart across washing lines, clamber up poles and perform extraordinary feats of gymnastics, all in an attempt to stuff their mouths with seeds and nuts intended for blue tits, sparrows and finches. Read more
01 Gifts for a Baby King

Gifts Fit For A King

We may not have had our usual nativities and carol concerts this year, but we still have the Christmas story, which the children have been studying in their lessons and assemblies. Read more
01 Wired for Sound

Wired for Sound

When Mrs Sliney planned Form 6’s science lessons for this half term, she was delighted to include lots of practical exploration of electrical circuits. Practical lessons enable children to develop their investigative skills, work collaboratively and, above all, to have fun. Read more
01 Explaining the Viking Invasion

The Vikings Are Coming!

Why do people move from one country to another? What motivates them to pack up everything that is familiar and important, and leave their friends and family behind to travel to a different place of which they may know nothing? This question is as relevant today as it was more than one thousand years ago... Read more
1 Welcome back to Maths

Back into the Groove

The first day of term is now a distant memory but, for the teachers at Eversfield, the start of this academic year felt very much like a step into the unknown, one we won’t forget in a hurry. Read more
1 Top Hand Ball Striking

It’s Not Quite Cricket: Eversfield Sport in the Time of Coronavirus

This term at Eversfield, it has not been quite cricket as we know it but, thanks to the hard work and creative thinking of Mr Sliney and his team, we have come impressively close. I was surprised to learn recently that some independent schools have furloughed their games staff during the coronavirus crisis. Read more