1 The Squashability Factor

The Squashability Factor

Who would want to be a teddy bear in Form 2? You come to school all happy and eager, expecting to receive lots of cuddles from the friendly Eversfield children, and what happens? Mr Solly tells you that you have to take part in an investigation to find out how squashy you are and... Read more
1 The Way of St Paul

The Way of St Paul

We have just come to the end of a period known at Eversfield as Open Door Fortnight, during which time teachers and teaching assistants are invited to spend at least one lesson observing the work of a colleague. Read more
1 The Estimation Question

The Estimation Question

I am sure that, just like me, you are all far too young to remember a song recorded in the early 1980s by Bananarama and the Fun Boy Three entitled It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It. Read more
1 D is for Daddy

D is for Daddy

Have you ever wondered what Father’s Day is all about? Cynics would tell you that it is no more than a shallow, modern imitation of the more traditional Mothering Sunday, orchestrated by greeting card companies to boost their sales. Read more
1 Kindergarten Gets My Goat

Eversfield Kindergarten Gets My Goat!

When I was a little girl growing up in Olton, I was led to believe that a fierce troll lived under the bridge over the stream in Jubilee Park. It always worried me slightly that there were never any goats in the park to chase the troll away. Read more
1 Time for Tea


If I happen to look out of my classroom window at about half past one on a Wednesday afternoon, I can be sure to see a small procession of Form 1 cooks, with hands freshly washed and sleeves rolled up, all heading off with Mrs Brown to the Food Technology Room in Upper School. Read more
1 Ranbirs letter

Psst! This Lesson is Secret!

By the time you read this, mothers up and down the country will have had their hearts well and truly melted by thoughtful cards and lovely gifts. Maybe they will even have enjoyed breakfast in bed and will have been taken out for a hearty lunch. Read more