Blog Form 1 Rugby 1 The lesson objective

Rugby Stars in Training

Rugby at Eversfield is riding high. This year we have not one, but two teams through to the national schools’ finals due to take place at Epsom College in the spring. Read more
Blog RAH Dinosaurs 1 Dinosaurs

Help! There’s a Dinosaur in my Classroom

Millions of years ago, the land now occupied by Eversfield School was covered by dense primeval forest and roamed by dinosaurs. For their latest topic, RAH found themselves transported to this lush and alien world as their classroom was turned into the set for Jurassic Park. Read more
1 A Story of Light

This Little Light Of Mine

Now we have put the clocks back and we are heading into the darkest time of the year, in the last week or so the night sky has been exploding with light in celebration of the festival of Diwali. Read more
1 Rules and Instructions

Stick To The Rules

Schools and rules go together like fish and chips or soap and water, and most people think that, in schools at least, rules just consist of a list of things you shouldn’t do. Read more
1 African Rhythms

Out of Africa…or the Music Room

Friday afternoon is normally a very peaceful time in the Denney. Forms 3 and 4 have gone to Games, and everyone else is working busily in lessons. An ideal opportunity to catch up with marking or to ensure that all is present and correct for next Monday’s lessons. Read more
1 A Sense of Place

A Sense of Place

At Eversfield, we spend a lot of time helping children to understand how the number system works because it is fundamental in a child’s overall mathematical development. Read more
1 Athens and Sparta Rival Cities

Athens and Sparta – Rival Cities

In Ancient Greece, the cities of Athens and Sparta were such deadly rivals they were very often at war. This fierce animosity was the starting point for this week’s History lesson in 3PF. Read more
1 Exploring Texture in Art

Exploring Texture

Even on a drizzly early autumn morning, the art room at Eversfield is a bright and uplifting place to be, so for the first blog of the academic year, I was keen to join Mrs Beech and 5GH to learn about how drawing skills can be improved by the careful use of texture, tone... Read more
1 An unusual looking tin

Surprising Ideas for Midweek Meals

Mrs Burnett had a surprise for her class at the beginning of their recent Philosophy lesson – a can of hamster meat! Or at least that was what it said on the label… In Form 3, our Philosophy lessons this half term have been about challenging the assumptions that children have about food. Read more