1 The holiday starts here

Eversfield Holidays Limited – Your Number One Choice For Summer Fun

At this time of year, teachers throughout the country, except those at Eversfield, of course, are prone to complain that their pupils have forgotten all about work and are already in holiday mode. Read more
1 A sweet treat for Form 5

Sweet Form 5 and the Awesome Maths Lesson

These days, we are all very aware of the need to reduce the amount of sugar in our diet, but nobody said anything about reducing the amount of sugar in a Maths lesson. Read more
1 Off to the swimming pool

Excuses, Excuses…

Following on from their memorable performance during the Form 4 Drama Week, Mrs McGrory’s English group have now turned their hand to scripting their own plays. Read more
1 Ive got the answer..look all our answers are different

The Mystery of the Disappearing Numbers

Poor Mrs Gilmartin! She spent hours planning Maths for the children this week, only to find, half way through the lesson, that all her number cards had gone missing. She turned the classroom upside down but they were nowhere to be seen. Read more
1 Peter and the Wolf

A Musical Story

We all know that every picture tells a story, but the same is also true of music, even purely orchestral pieces. This term the children in 2TS have been learning about how music can create or influence our moods. Read more
1 Beanstalk Fun

Full of Beanstalks

It was a long time coming this year, but finally it looks as though spring has sprung. Everything in the garden is growing like crazy, as are the children in Reception, whose topic recently has been Jack and the Beanstalk. Read more
1 Bloggers at work

Blogging About Blogging

It’s a good job it’s the end of term. I have realised I am definitely up against some stiff competition in the world of blogging! Form 5’s project in Computing for this half term has been to create their own personal blog and publish it. Read more
1 I wonder who this is

Travelling Light

This week at Eversfield we have been celebrating British Science Week with some very exciting scientific adventures. Every child, for instance, including those in Nursery and Kindergarten, has had the opportunity to run at least part of the way to the deepest point beneath the ocean, an amazing ten kilometres. Read more
1 Switched On Scientists

Going Round In Circuits

In their Science lesson this week, the children in 2HM learnt a lot about electricity and electrical circuits. They also learnt a great deal about team work.   These days we often take electricity for granted. Read more