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Live from the Lab: Investigating the Heart

In a memorable and immersive science lesson, Form 6 dissected a sheep's heart which is the closest example to a human heart. They studied the structure and function, and identified the organs main vessels, values and blood flow. Read more
01 Wired for Sound

Wired for Sound

When Mrs Sliney planned Form 6’s science lessons for this half term, she was delighted to include lots of practical exploration of electrical circuits. Practical lessons enable children to develop their investigative skills, work collaboratively and, above all, to have fun. Read more
1 Stinky Science at Eversfield

Stinky Science

If you thought things couldn’t get any more exciting at Eversfield following our recent Reading and Writing Festival…well, think again! We celebrated British Science Week on the theme of Journeys with such memorable investigations and challenges that no-one could be left in any doubt that Science must be the most marvellous subject on the planet! For Form... Read more