Life in Upper School (Age 7 to 11 years)

Pupils in Forms 3 to 6 attend the Upper School.

For the first year, children are taught mainly by their class teacher in their form rooms in a self-contained building, although they are introduced to some academic and practical subjects in specialist rooms in other parts of Upper School.

Children in Forms 4 to 6 are located in the rest of the Upper School buildings and are taught by subject teachers or specialists.

The curriculum is designed to give a good academic grounding for a successful future education, and in particular to prepare pupils for entrance examinations to senior independent schools at the age of 11.

The core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science. The school timetable also includes Art and Design (including Food Technology & Textiles), Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Computing, Music, Religious Education, Physical Education and Games.

A primary Latin course is also introduced during Upper School, and pupils are prepared for verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests.

In order to promote good study habits, prep (homework) continues to be set every school day.