The Eversfield School Association know as the ESA is a committee of parents and teacher representatives from across the school. All parents with a child attending Eversfield are members of the association; membership is also open to others who support the objectives of the organisation:

  1. To promote good relations between staff, parents, pupils (present, past and future) and others associated with Eversfield;
  2. To advance the education and welfare of pupils at Eversfield;
  3. To promote the good name and achievements of Eversfield
The ESA work with the school for the education and welfare of pupils, but also to raise funds to support projects within the school. 

They organise a programme of events and activities during the year for all ages to enjoy.
Fundraising efforts over the years have led to significant contributions towards the purchase of IT equipment, the refurbishment of the library, a cricket pavilion, curtains and staging and the indoor heated swimming pool.