A Fantastic Total for House of Joy

Eversfield’s fund raising efforts came to an end for this academic year with the presentation of a cheque to Linda and Fran Richley for House of Joy. The final figure of £13,447 exceeded all expectations and was a new record for School. Our School Council have worked incredibly hard to coordinate a wide variety of activities in support of this Ugandan school and deserve recognition for all their efforts.


The fundraising started at Harvest Festival when, as has become something of a tradition, the Headmaster proceeded to give £5 to every child in Form 6. He asked them to invest it wisely and return more than the initial sum to the charity pot. They rose to the challenge raising a staggering £1269 through various activities including car washing, cooking and craft sales.  


Mrs Beech organised an art competition which concluded with a sale of all the entries in support of House of Joy. This event raised an amazing £818. The winners were invited to join Mr Richley (a motorsport artist) for an art workshop.


The year continued with numerous fundraising events including cake sales, a non-uniform day, the sales of badges designed by Jacob, a charity breakfast and a 'Camp Out with Dad' event. On Charity Day in the Summer Term everyone pulled together for sponsored laps of the field, gym circuits and swimming. The sun shone and the total raised for House of Joy continued to rise.


A Charity Concert took place in June to raise further awareness of and support for our charity. The Eversfield Community Choir, made up of staff and parents, made their debut performance. School would also like to thank Warwick School’s Little Big Band and old boys Dan Buxton and Sam Young for their wonderful performances.


Over the years Eversfield has supported many charities and we are proud of the children’s continuing endeavours to help those less fortunate than themselves. Year after year they rise to the challenge and, with the encouragement from staff, family and friends, are able to significantly improve the lives of others. We would like to thank everyone who has supported this year’s fund raising efforts.