A Trip to Margam in South Wales for Form 5

A message from Mrs Hastings about Thursday's activities.

After a great night's sleep we were treated to a full Welsh breakfast with all the trimmings! We then set off for our exploration of the River Ogmore. The children conducted some experiments to test the velocity and depth of the river and only a few managed to get rather wet feet. We all had our picnic lunch in the sunshine and the pupils managed to impress the tutors with their extensive knowledge of river features. We completed our journey at the mouth of the River and the pupils got to have one final wade before the end of the day!

Supper was followed by a campfire with songs and (lots of) marshmallows and a final play on the adventure playground ignoring the claps of thunder!

Den building in the morning before we head back home. 

Wednesday's news from Mr Yates

No problems sleeping, everybody got up bright and early ready for the beautiful day ahead. After a hearty breakfast we set off to look at the coastal defences at Newton followed by re-enacting the process of longshore drift, girls being waves and boys the grains of sand. Porthcawl weren’t sure what hit them as we all sat on the lovely, sandy beach to eat lunch before the sand castle building competition. After such hard work an ice cream was just the ticket. Thirty seven ice creams later the lady in the parlour decided she had made enough money for the day and shut-up shop very pleased!  The next stop was an incredible striated cliff-side where the children enjoyed hunting for fossils.

Classroom activities today were confined to grid-reference work but the incentive was another trip to Margam Adventure Castle playground before showers and bed.

A message from Mr Sliney about Tuesday’ activities.

After a long journey we arrived in Margam just as the sun came out. Rooms were allocated and all were happy with their weekly room mates. After introductions and orientation they put on their walking boots and set off for a three mile walk up to the ‘Pulpit’, a lovely view-point on the top of the ridge looking out over the field-centre and the glistening sea. The Angles were victorious in the ‘hill-roll’ competition on the way down, passing the Pere David deer in the surrounding parkland.

Following a hearty dinner, the true artists showed their talents with an hour of nature art, using anything they could find in the grounds of the centre to create a picture outside. At the end of a busy day the adventure fort was calling for final energy expenditure before we all trooped off to bed. Snoring was soon all that could be heard.