Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was the subject of Form 3’s workshop and proved to be not only very insightful but also highly entertaining and covered a wide range of topics about this civilisation.

The children looked at the location of the various cities and the rivalry between Athens and Sparta. A contest between Athens (the boys) and Sparta (the girls) took place as they staged their own Olympic Games. This involved wrestling, running and javelin throwing amongst other activities. Sparta emerged victorious. Further competition followed as they divided into groups to solve Pythagoras’ geometrical puzzle and try the Ancient Greek board game called Petteia.

It is impossible to study Ancient Greek civilisation without discussing war, in particular weapons, the hoplite (armour) worn by soldiers and the background to the Trojan War. They also practiced marching in formation.

They considered the nature of democracy In Athens, coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t very democratic at all as it excluded several sectors of society including women, slaves and the poor.

Everyone, teachers and pupils alike, had a wonderful day. Despite of, or perhaps because of, the laughter heard as some of the more interesting aspects were discussed the children left the workshop having learnt a considerable amount about Ancient Greece.