Angles retain the House Music Cup

On the final day before School broke up for the Michaelmas half term break Eversfield held its House Music competition. Many children had auditioned for the opportunity to perform and a list of soloists were included in the programme, which also included Can you feel the Love Tonight? and A Song You’d Love to Know which were sung by the Angles and then the Saxons.

This year we welcomed Mr Samuel Oram as our adjudicator, a professional signer based in London and has sung with many of the UK’s top choruses. Mr Oram had the unenviable task of judging the performers and determining the outright winner. He praised Emilia for the wonderful detail as she played Boogalie-Woogalie by Bartlett and he thanked Archie for singing Bright Eyes by Batt, one of his favourite pieces which brought tears to his eyes. Aidan’s rendition of Sonata 1 by Mozart was described as amazing and Mr Oram admitted that it had taken him years to play that particular piece.

Mr Oram congratulated all the soloists and the two choirs on their fantastic performances and was delighted to present the cup to the Angles.