Eversfield breaks a world record!

Members of Eversfield Preparatory School’s Science Club are celebrating their successful attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the highest distance to drop an egg without breaking!

The children have been working hard in their Thursday night club to design a record breaking parachute. The Guinness World Record rules state, that only a specified amount of certain raw materials can be used and any plastic, card, foam, drinking straws, tape and elastic string that are used must be cut to size. After a couple of weeks of planning, many prototypes and several smashed eggs later, the final attempt was made using a design by Form 3 pupils Thomas and Gabe. A raw egg was dropped from a height of 5.4 metres in Eversfield’s reception area.

Although the egg did become separated from the parachute just before it reached the floor, the structure was enough to cushion the fall and keep the eggshell from breaking. We were able to show the undamaged egg to the camera and crack it into a bowl to demonstrate its raw state. Eversfield is now top of the GWR Leader board and you can view our record attempt online. It was eggs-actly the result we were hoping for!