Eversfield hosts its annual U11 Rugby Festival

Eversfield were joined by The Croft, Bablake and King Henry's as we held our fifth annual U11 Rugby Festival on Wednesday 20th September.

Eversfield’s first match was against The Croft; a very strong team. During the first half they managed to limit The Crofts lead to only a couple of tries with the use of effective tackling. However, tired legs in the second half allowed The Croft to take the advantage, increasing the score difference and winning the match.

A quick team chat and Eversfield prepared to play Bablake. Taking on board the lessons learnt during the game against The Croft the team focused on their defensive play, creating openings and scoring tries. The game ended with a morale boosting win for Eversfield.

The final game of the afternoon was against King Henry’s. The two teams were evenly matched and their desire to win was apparent with some tough tackling from both sides. In the first half Eversfield took advantage of their one opportunity and scored a try. The second half carried on in much the same way as the first with lots of hard tackling and tight defending from both sides. Eversfield put together several drives forward and scored their second try. King Henry’s quickly followed this with a try of their own to create a very tense end to the game which saw Eversfield win 3-1 following some resolute defending and a break away try.

Mr Sliney, Director of Sport, was pleased that the rain had held off saying ‘I’m pleased that the other teams could join us for a fantastic afternoon of rugby’. He was, however, unable to select a man of the match from his team that had worked so hard throughout the tournament, deciding instead to give the honour to two players. Well done Joshua and Max.

The scores from all the afternoon’s matches were compiled and a winner determined. Congratulations to The Croft School who proved to be the strongest team on the field by taking first place and to Eversfield who should be proud of their very respectable second place.