Form 1 Explore Toys from the Past

Form 1 have thoroughly enjoyed their Toys from the Past workshop. During the afternoon they had the opportunity to play with a wide range of toys. These included dolls, cars trains and also toys that are more suited to outdoor play such as hoops and skipping ropes.

The children were encouraged to explore how the toys worked as unlike the toys of today they were not battery operated. Did a mechanism need to be pulled or pushed? Was there a string or a lever? The jack in the box proved to be a firm favourite as they waited for him to jump out with much excitement.

The toys were made from a range of materials and the children examined them closely determining whether they were made from wood, metal, plastic or some other material. The children were amazed to discover that hoops had previously been made out of wood or bamboo unlike the plastic ones that they play with on the playground at lunchtime.

This topic also enables the children to begin to understand time and age. How old were the toys? Did they show signs of wear suggesting that they were older? Were they made of modern materials? They will be considering this further as they continue the subject over the following week.