Form 4's Space Camp

On Friday 24th November Form 4 enjoyed an overnight Space Camp including a mass sleepover in the sports hall.

The evening kicked off with a virtual reality workshop, including a virtual tour of the International Space Station. This was kindly provided by Stickee Technology, a company who develop software for virtual reality headsets. This was followed by a NASA astronaut training session. The children underwent strength training in preparation for going in to space and exercises aimed at developing their reaction times.

As the weather outside was dry everyone was able to go outside for some star gazing. The Skymap app on the iPads made it easy to spot the various constellations and everyone took it in turn to look through the telescope for a closer look at the night sky.

Back inside the sports hall it was time for a space themed film and bed, although it took some members of Form 4 longer to get to sleep than others.