Form 5 and 6 Netball players try Handball

A visit from Jolanda Bombis-Robben enabled Mrs Buxton to introduce Upper School to a new sport.

Jolanda is a professional Handball player who has played for Dutch and German clubs including Rostock Dolphins, HSG Blomberg Lippe and SVG Celle and became a member of the Dutch National Team in 2002. She joined Eversfield for Upper School’s assembly explaining the game of Handball and answering the children’s questions. Although the rules are very different from Netball the skills required are very similar, so Jolanda and fellow Handball player, Johanne Bergman, spent time with our U11 Netball A Team. They then took Form 5 and 6 Netball players for a training session, showing them the moves and tactics specific to Handball, before enjoying a short game.