Form 5's Shakespeare Week

Form 5 were certainly not slow of study during their Shakespeare Week. During the course of one week they spent their English lessons studying A Midsummer Night’s Dream, culminating in an opportunity for us to their fond pageant see. Although abridged the script was in the original Shakespearean language and the children demonstrated good understanding of the words, phrasing and themes within the play showing excellent expression throughout.

In order to provide as many performing opportunities across the year group as possible some roles were played by more than one actor. This created a complex rehearsal schedule, but one that the children managed well. Using minimal but distinguishable costumes to enable the audience to follow the changes, the rotation of thespians enhanced the fact that this is a play about confusion.

Three distinct stages were used during the performance and a high level of stage craft was shown by the cast as they moved through the scenes, crossing effortlessly from one platform to the next.

Everything came together ‘on the night’. Form 5 should be very proud of their performance and are now aware of just how much can can be achieved with hard work and effort even in a short period of time.