Form 5's trip to Margam in South Wales

Tuesday's News

Arrived to a beautiful, grey sky and after sorting out rooms were straight into the first activity, a walk up the hill to Pulpit Rock. On the way we saw a slow worm slither across the path and a large herd of dear, who soon ran out of our way. At the top there was time for a quick group photograph  followed by a ‘rolling down the hill’ competition. The rain began to drizzle but it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. Supper revived their depleted limbs before we went back out to create some environmental  art. After seeing some great examples of deer, campfires and a nest, Mr Sliney wore them out with a quick game of football rounders. Bedmaking was next on the agenda, probably the most entertaining of the activities. All were soon sound asleep, including the teachers.


Wednesday's News

This morning began with a lot of rain! After a hearty breakfast, waterproofs were donned and we all boarded the bus for a long day at the coast. First stop was Newton to look at the sea defences. Much of the time was taken with the children acting out the effects of long-shore drift, much to the delight of the locals. Then they developed their journalistic skills presenting their understanding of the effects of erosion.

Back on the coach, off to Porthcawl and lunch on the beach in the sunshine. Feasting on sandwiches was followed by a sandcastle competition with fierce rivalry between waring castles. The tension was high waiting for the decision of the judge, so a trip up the steps for an ice cream was gratefully accepted.

On the coach once more for a short ride to Southern Down where the most amazing collection of natural erosion features can be found. The children sat on a wave-cut platform demonstrating the advanced geography knowledge that they have by describing most of the features on view, including the layers of rock formed from sedimentary processes, millions of years ago. After the excitement of fossil hunting it was back to Margam Centre for supper. This evening the children built dens in the woods that needed to be tested for the elements, followed by a play in the best adventure fort I have ever seen. Tonight’s bed was inviting and it really didn’t take minutes before everyone was sound asleep.