Gothic horror strikes Eversfield

This year, we made the decision to have a change from musicals and to put on pieces of straight drama, where all the focus would be on the acting talent of the children. Most plays we looked at had small casts, so we decided to put on not one but two plays, thus ensuring that all the children were involved in some way. Phillip Pullman’s adaptation of the horror classic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Dracula, Bram Stoker’s classic tale of gothic horror and vampires as adapted by David Calcutt.

To say this was a big undertaking would be an understatement. Directing and producing two plays has offered up considerable logistical and technical challenges, and Mr Hastings was very grateful to Mrs Leonard-Cross for all her invaluable support in the directing of both of these plays. Asking children from Form 6 to act in plays with dark and, at times, frightening scenes has been a big challenge, but they have more than delivered, and staff have been genuinely overwhelmed by the mature acting skills and stage presence shown by many of the pupils. Getting these productions into polished performances has been demanding but also immensely rewarding.  An awful lot has been asked of the children and they have delivered.