House Music Competition

On the last day of school before the half term holiday Eversfield held its annual House Music Competition. During the weeks leading up to the event many auditions took place, the prize being the opportunity to make a solo performance and support either Angles or Saxons to win the coveted trophy.  Everyone who auditioned should be congratulated, but especially those who made it through to become House Soloists in the finals. It is not possible to comment on all the solo performances however some do deserve a special mention. HaoHao displayed his excellent controlled technique whilst playing the piano and Gurneet showed considerable feeling during her performance of Nobody Knows. Edith’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast was very moving, as was Hermione’s Tomorrow which she played without sheet music and with wonderful interpretation. We enjoyed an excellent musical performance of Les Feuillies Mortes by Emilia and Huw’s Sliding on Ice demonstrated the different techniques that can be used when playing the trombone. Sienna showed considerable skill singing and playing the guitar at the same time, whilst Oliver’s Tom-A-Hawk was very up-beat showing control and co-ordination.

All the children in Upper School learnt the words and harmonies to two songs, The Bare Necessities and Any Dream Will Do. Both songs were then performed by the Angles Choir and the Saxons Choir separately in a House sing-off. Dramatic effect was created through the majestic presence of Joseph (Joshua for Angles and Max for Saxons) in a technicoloured dream coat.

This year we extended a very warm Eversfield welcome to our adjudicator, Mrs Rosemary Phillips, chair of the Birmingham Conservatoire Trust, who took on the unenviable role of judging the competitors. Mrs Phillips praised the children for all the hard work that they had clearly put into their performances and commented on the enjoyment that was apparent throughout the performances.

This year the House Music competition was won by the Angles.