House Music Competition

House Music Competition Michaelmas 2016

Over 90 children attended the initial auditions for the House Music Competition and in doing so earned points for their houses. They played a wide assortment of instruments, including string, woodwind, percussion and brass, and covered a range of levels from beginners to competent performers who have been playing for several years and in some cases have even achieved Grade 5 on their chosen instrument.

This year’s adjudicator was Dr Martin Leigh, Director of Music at King Edward’s School in Birmingham. We are very grateful to Dr Leigh for spending the afternoon with us and taking on the unenviable task of judging the 26 finalists and the two House Choirs.

The programme proved to contain some amazing performances. Dr Leigh praised Noah’s dynamics, Duy’s beautiful playing and the wonderful way George took us back to the 1960’s. Alex also deserves a mention for his animated rendition of I just can’t wait to be King which Mr Yates said he could watch all day.

When the final scores were calculated it was announced that both houses had been awarded the same number of points and for the first time ever the result of the House Music Competition was a draw.