Practical Life Skills for Form 6 includes a trip to the supermarket

During the Michaelmas Term Form 6 focused on their 11+ entrance exam preparation. Now that the exam season is largely over the children are enjoying an enhanced curriculum which includes an introduction to Life Skills. Mr Yates has shown the children how to clean their shoes and the most efficient way to put a duvet in its cover. Mrs Cannings was to be found in the Laundry Room explaining how to use a washing machine, handle an iron safely and fold clothes. 

Following these early lessons Mr Yates felt that it was time to set the children a real challenge; their task being to shop for enough food to last five days within a strict budget. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all to be included as well as any drinks and snacks that they may require. They were also told to consider the healthiness and nutritional value of the food they selected as this would also be part of the marking criteria upon their return to School.

We are very grateful to Morrisons in Solihull who agreed to help. They allowed the children to take trolleys around the store and carefully select items from their shopping lists. These items were then scanned at the checkout and the children were given a receipt just as if it had been an ordinary trip to the store. These receipts were then taken back to the classroom so that the class could consider if everyone had enough food to last a week and discuss its nutritional value.

We will admit that some interesting items found their way in to the trolleys, but by the end of the exercise and with a little help, some of it from other shoppers, the majority of the class had managed to cater for five days within budget.