Summer Sports Events at Eversfield

Early Years, Pre-Prep and Upper Schools Sports have now all taken place. Events went ahead despite the typically changeable British weather with Upper School dodging rain showers and Lower School enjoying a beautiful hot, sunny day.

Upper School Sports took place at the Norman Green Sports Centre, where the all-weather track provides the perfect running surface whatever the conditions. On the day children and parents alike were also grateful for the covered seating. Field events took place at school in the days building up to the main sports afternoon and seven new track and two new field records were set this year. The results were:


New record

Set by

Old Record

Set by

U11 80 m Boys

11.47 secs

G Hastings

11.69 secs

A Turrell (in 2015)

U11 150 m Boys

22.35 secs

G Hastings

23.03 secs

L Hutton (in 2016)

U11 50 m Girls

7.56 secs

E Churchill

7.8 secs

M Newey (in 2009)

U9 80 m Girls

13.00 secs

E Hastings

13.06 secs

H Whitfield (in 2015)

U11 80 m Girls

11.91 secs

H Whitfield

12.55 secs

A Malik (in 2014)

U11 150 m Girls

23.85 secs

M Blum

25.62 secs

S Spence (in 2013)

U11 600 m Girls

02:07:64 m/s

H Whitfield

02:19:04 m/s

A Malik (in 2014)

U11 Girls Javelin

17.9 m

H Whitfield

15.8 m

M Newey (in 2009)

U11 Boys Javelin

22.6 m

N Maclean

22.35 m

S Brown (in 2003)


In addition to the track races there were two more events that took place during the afternoon. The first of these was the Whole School Relay. Every child in Upper School takes part in this race and its success is due to Mr Sliney’s organisational skills. This year it was won by Saxons, as was the Form 6 Tug Of War Shield.

As Angles and Saxons gathered on opposite sides to hear the results Mr Yates was joined by Mrs Skouby, School Governor, to present the Sports awards. This year the Upper School House Cup was awarded to Angles! 

Unlike Upper School Sports, the Lower School events took place on a beautiful sunny day. Pre-Prep races included an Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race and an Obstacle Race. There was also a race for the young visitors. Early Years also enjoyed a range of fun races although the most exciting two events were, as always, the Mummies Race and the Daddies Race.

A huge well done to competitors across the age groups and to the Games Staff not only for organising the Sports Events, but also for the support that they give our children.