Form 1 Computing Cookery Programme Ruby

Lights, camera, action! Making a TV cookery programme

For their computing lessons Form 1 were tasked with producing their own TV cookery programme. From setting up the studio, directing their cameraman and preparing their script, to confidently presenting their show and editing to get the final cut. Read more
F5 Art Self Portraits Trisha

The Art of Self-Portraiture

Drawing enables a child’s imagination to become more active and Form 5 have been exploring the realms of self-expression through the art of self-portraiture. Read more
DSC 0096

Making an Artistic Impression: Form 6 Art Enrichment Day

Creative expression was explored by an imaginative group of Form 6 pupils who took part in an art enrichment day with Mrs Beech this term. They explored the work of acclaimed artists and made their own interpretation so their finished portrayal was ‘in-the-style-of’. Read more
DSC 0051

Mastering Van Gogh

Van Gogh was amongst the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western Art and his work has been the focus for Form 5 this term. They have been learning to use the element of ‘texture’ in their drawings. Read more
What to Expect

What to Expect When: A Parent Guide to Learning and Development in the Early Years

As a parent I know that sometimes it is hard to know what stage your child should be at and what you should be doing to help them in their development – even as a teacher I found this tricky with my own children – so I hope you will find the guide ‘What... Read more
DSC 0003

Everyone Active: Thinking, Creating and Doing

Our co-curricular programme of activities exploded back into action at the start of the term in September. The clubs play a vital role in the holistic education of our children and we encourage everyone to participate. Read more
DSC 0005

Make a Mark: Art Workshop

Creative talents were unleashed as a group of Year 6 pupils set about exploring the work of acclaimed artists.   Their brief was not to attempt to copy, but to explore the possibilities and make their own interpretation of the artists’ work, so their own finished portrayal was ‘in-the-style-of’. Read more
DSC 0151 Copy2

Creative success

Three of our young artists have been invited to exhibit their work at Warwick School. Artwork by Daniel, Avani and Sergio was selected from submissions made by over twenty schools and displayed at Warwick during a week long exhibition. Read more