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Stig of the Dump: Creative Writing Form 3

To fit in with our prehistoric theme this term, pupils in 3PF have read the beginning of Stig in the Dump, a book enjoyed by Miss Freeman when she was a child. A boy called Barney is fascinated by the chalk pit near his grandmother’s house and ends up tumbling into it. Read more
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The Greek Vase by Sania (3PF): Form 3 Creative Writing

Pupils in Form 3 have been reading an extract from a book called Here Comes Hercules. In this story, a boy called Tim is at home doing the dusting while he waits for his mum to come home from work. Disastrously, he drops and smashes his mum’s priceless Greek vase. Read more
Form 3 Creative Writing My Garden by Enzo

Form 3 Creative Writing: My Garden by Enzo (3AH)

Enzo is a talented and enthusiastic gardener so he was thrilled when Mrs Hynes asked Form 3 to take on the creative writing task to author an article about their gardens. Their challenge was to ensure they used expanded noun phrases. Read more
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Make a Mark: Art Workshop

Creative talents were unleashed as a group of Year 6 pupils set about exploring the work of acclaimed artists.   Their brief was not to attempt to copy, but to explore the possibilities and make their own interpretation of the artists’ work, so their own finished portrayal was ‘in-the-style-of’. Read more