Mastering the Art and Science of Visual Storytelling

Unleashing their creative potential Form 3 have been blending knowledge learned in their English and Computing lessons to create instructional videos. Mastering the capabilities of Adobe Spark they combined motion graphics, audio recording, music, text, and photos to produce short animated, narrated explainer videos. Read more
Form 1 Computing Cookery Programme Ruby

Lights, camera, action! Making a TV cookery programme

For their computing lessons Form 1 were tasked with producing their own TV cookery programme. From setting up the studio, directing their cameraman and preparing their script, to confidently presenting their show and editing to get the final cut. Read more
3PF The Greek Vase Creative Writing Twitter

The Greek Vase by Sania (3PF): Form 3 Creative Writing

Pupils in Form 3 have been reading an extract from a book called Here Comes Hercules. In this story, a boy called Tim is at home doing the dusting while he waits for his mum to come home from work. Disastrously, he drops and smashes his mum’s priceless Greek vase. Read more