Charity Total Unveiled to Support the Gift of Life with FastAid

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Open Afternoon on Saturday. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to once again invite everyone to explore school and unveil the final amount raised by pupils for this year’s beneficiary charity, FastAid Solihull, which totalled in excess of £11,500. A HUGE accomplishment. A BIG thank you to everyone for your generous support. 

A strong bond has developed between the pupils and the charity which recruits and equips Community First Responders (CFRs) throughout Solihull and Birmingham. The CFRs are all volunteers, trained to nationally recognised standards and despatched to 999 emergency calls by the West Midlands Ambulance Service along with an ambulance as soon as one is available. Being local they can be on the scene quickly to start lifesaving treatment, begin clinical care and provide reassurance before the ambulance arrives. Annually their volunteer CFRs attend over 2,000 999 calls and are first on scene in 90% of incidents.

Mr Robert Yates, Headmaster at Eversfield, indicated how proud he was of the children, “I am incredibly proud of how our whole community of pupils, parents and staff rose to the challenge and developed ingenious ways to raise funds. The charity is run entirely by volunteers and reliant on donations to help support their life-saving services in the local community."

Terry Flower, Community Responder, FastAid, congratulated the children on their fundraising saying, “I would like to extend a huge thank you and a big well done from everyone at FastAid to everyone in the Eversfield community for their support. Not only is the funding important to our work across the area, but that so many have worked so hard for us is truly inspirational.”


What Difference will Eversfield’s Fundraising Make?

>Help fund the running of two cars in Solihull for 12 months

>Help maintain and renew lifesaving equipment

>Recruit more volunteers

>Help raise awareness and support of the work of the charity within the Solihull community

>Save more lives