Mr Robert A Yates, MA, BA, PGCE, LPSH

Here at Eversfield Preparatory School we recognise that all children have talents and skills in different areas, academic, sporting, musical, artistic, personality and so I could continue. We aim to give as many opportunities as we can in order that all these varying qualities are developed and nurtured to allow our children to achieve the best they possibly can. There is no plateau of ‘potential’ in a child, once they achieve one level, they can go in pursuit of another.

In this respect we aim to provide an education that caters for the different needs of each child. This means tailoring our teaching and learning programmes for particular groups of children and individuals so that we extend and stretch the needs of the more able, promote the learning of the able and support and guide the less able.

Through continual assessment and a caring approach in our small classes we recognise the capabilities and performance abilities of every child and ensure that work is set to stretch and challenge them in a supportive environment. Children who are achieving at high attainment levels are extended to deepen their understanding, often in a more applied approach or through working on concepts or material at a level above those expected for children of their age. In this way we give them opportunities to expand their faculties and reach targets they are capable of without imposing artificial ceilings.

The security, happiness and educational development of our children are of paramount importance. Consequently, choosing the right school is a crucial decision.
Our strong track record of preparing pupils for external examinations is evident in the excellent results and impressive number of scholarships awarded, reflecting the high standards which are regularly attained.

Likewise our children stand out in a crowd because they have manners, confidence and a presence developed from an expectation to respect each other, aim for success and contribute positively to the world we live in.

Eversfield offers your child the opportunities to achieve, be an individual and experience success by building solid foundations for the future.

I would love to have been a pupil here.

Rob Yates

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