Welcome to Kindergarten and Nursery (Age 2¾ to 4 years)

Kindergarten and Nursery children are cared for in a warm and welcoming dedicated purpose-built building with its own secure outdoor all-weather play area.  As well as the purposeful, engaging activities that take place in the Nursery itself, our children benefit from integration with the whole of the school with frequent access to specialist facilities and teaching such as singing, dance, PE, swimming and visits to our woodland area.

Our dedicated team, led by experienced teachers, deliver an engaging curriculum and work closely with the children to help them to feel happy and confident. From time to time, your child will bring home an activity to share with you.  This may include letter sounds, library books, name cards or letter formation sheets. Children are also encouraged to bring items from home to school to share, or feature on the colour table or the sound table.

We welcome children into our Kindergarten from the term of their 3rd birthday. This could be entry in September, January or April and is dependant on them being able to use the toilet independently. Children are able to start with a minimum of 5 sessions per week (5 half days or 2½ days). These can be increased at the beginning of each new term when your child is ready to advance to a longer day. A maximum of 10 sessions per week (full-time) is offered. Wrap around care is available before school from 8.00am to 8.30am and after school from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. 

Children progress from Kindergarten to Nursery in the September following their 3rd birthday, and to Reception in the September following their 4th birthday.