I only started in Form 3, but Eversfield has been a wonderful experience for me.

When I came to Eversfield, I was excited, nervous and lonely, but that soon changed. Within the first week, I had already made three friends. Three turned into four, and four turned into five and…well, you get what I mean!

Eversfield is one of those schools where all the classrooms have different subjects taught in them. It’s a school where we can all have our own space. We don’t waste the space that we have, and here’s proof. We use the attic as an art room, and there’s even a big cupboard to store musical instruments, if you play one or have a music lesson. I myself have just started flute lessons. It is very enjoyable, and have already learnt a lot.

I am also a school councillor, which means I have been voted by my class to represent them in meetings.

We have a lot of clubs; so many that, if you name it, we have or have had it! I am in the swimming gala team, Eversfield Young Voices, Eversfield Preparatory Singers, and LAMDA Verse and Prose. We even have a 20m swimming pool. I love swimming. It is my favourite subject in the whole school.