Life in Middle School (Forms 1 to Forms 3)

Our expert teaching staff are all highly experienced with the very specific needs of children as they continue their individual learning journey in Middle School.

The warm and welcoming department is housed in two dedicated self-contained buildings with its own classrooms and facilities for pupils in Forms 1, 2 and 3. Horizons are expanded as they are introduced to a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum, and benefit from all the specialist teaching facilities of the Upper School. Academic success is prized but so is having fun while learning. 

An experienced and dedicated team of teachers ensure pupils gain a thorough grounding in reading, writing and number skills, and they study History, Geography, Religious Studies and Science as part of their topic work. Children receive an appropriate amount of daily homework which is set to support their literacy and numeracy lessons or topic work.

PE and Games, Modern Foreign Languages, Computing, Music, Art and other creative activities feature in the timetable as part of the full and stimulating curriculum which are taught by specialist subject teachers.

Pride in the school, respect for others, and a healthy balance between co-operation and competition are all encouraged.