Totalement Français

Bonne Année tout le monde!

Before I get down to the serious business of telling you all about the exciting lessons going on at Eversfield this term, I wanted to share some news about what the children will be doing at school in French.

Having had a term of learning Spanish, the children are returning to French for the remainder of the school year. We hope that, by working on French for a longer period of time, the children will have the chance not only to extend but to consolidate their learning, and should be able to carry more vocabulary through with them into the next academic year. For the children in Form 6, the focus will be particularly on the trip to Le Touquet, where they will have the opportunity to use their language skills at the local market and at the other sites they visit in the area.  

To help enthuse the children, Madame Baldwin has booked the Freshwater Theatre Company, who will be staging a French fairy tale workshop on 23rd January for the children in Reception and Forms 1 and 2. Meanwhile, for those in Forms 3-6, there will be a chance to see Onatti Productions’ performance of a French play called Le Château, on 24th January. 

We would very much like you to help your child by reinforcing their learning at home. You can do this by encouraging them to log on to Linguascope with the username and password both set as eversfield. The website is easy to navigate, and the children are used to seeing it at school.

In addition, throughout the school we will be having ‘words of the week’, or more accurately ‘les mots de la semaine’, which will be displayed in school, and which Madame Baldwin and the other teachers will be trying to use as often as humanly possible during the school day. It would be very helpful if you could use these words at home, too. We will let you know in advance via Twitter what the words will be, and Madame Baldwin will also post a short instructional video each week to help you brush up on your French skills and join in the fun!