1 I wonder who this is

Travelling Light

This week at Eversfield we have been celebrating British Science Week with some very exciting scientific adventures. Every child, for instance, including those in Nursery and Kindergarten, has had the opportunity to run at least part of the way to the deepest point beneath the ocean, an amazing ten kilometres. Read more
1 Switched On Scientists

Going Round In Circuits

In their Science lesson this week, the children in 2HM learnt a lot about electricity and electrical circuits. They also learnt a great deal about team work.   These days we often take electricity for granted. Read more
1 The Story of Jack and the Beanstalk

The Perfect Sentence

Many years ago in Paris, the author Ernest Hemingway spent his days sitting in cafés with a notebook, agonising over how to write what he called just one true sentence. Read more
1 This is what we have been doing 2

Clock Watching

5MS have been doing DT this half term, and their brief has been to design and make a jazzy looking clock face. A time piece so fine and striking it will grace the wall of any living room in Solihull!  Underpinning any successful design and build task is thorough preparation. Read more
1 Little Miss Muffet

Down Came A Spider

Warning! If you are an arachnophobe, or if you are Miss Muffet, read no further! The Nursery has been full of spiders this week! Miss Shipley has proved that spiders bring a great deal to children’s education, and not just the chance to count to eight. Read more
1 Working with a partner is fun

Mr Solly’s Shopping Trolley

This week Mr Solly has done a supermarket sweep and has brought the contents of his shopping trolley into school to help the children with their problem solving in Mathematics. The children in 2TS have invested a lot of time and effort into learning their times tables. Read more
1 Form 4 Hockey

Jolly Hockey Sticks

A damp, grey, miserable Tuesday afternoon in January, finger freezingly cold; so cold that the Form 3 and 4 footballers had taken refuge in the centrally heated JSB. Read more
1 Francais

Totalement Français

Bonne Année tout le monde! Before I get down to the serious business of telling you all about the exciting lessons going on at Eversfield this term, I wanted to share some news about what the children will be doing at school in French. Read more
1 Sequencing the poem

A Walk By The River

This half term in Form 6, Mr Hastings’ English group have been exploring a few of the works of Seamus Heaney, one of the most celebrated poets of the Twentieth Century. Read more