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Encounters with King John

At Worcester Cathedral Form 4 encountered King John and enjoyed exploring its ancient crypt, medieval cloisters and royal tombs. The 1000 year old Cathedral is a stunning setting to consolidate the pupil’s medieval knowledge learned this term and build their cultural capital. Read more
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Learning Beyond the Classroom at Blists Hill Victorian Town

Born at a time when technological devices are getting smarter, and everything is connected, it can be hard for Generation Alpha children to appreciate what life was like with no cars, no TV and no phone. Read more
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Memories of the Kindertransport

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Form 6 have been investigating what it was like to be a young Jew in Nazi Germany. They have been learning about the experiences of those children whose families made the brave choice to send them to safety in the UK, as child refugees on the Kindertransport. Read more
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Fire, Fire, Fetch the Engines

Fire, fire! Fetch the engines! The children in Form 2 have been transported back in time to 1666 to learn about the devastation caused by the Great Fire of London. Read more
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Meeting the Codebreakers

There was much for Form 6 to experience and explore on their visit to Bletchley Park, once the top-secret home of the World War II Codebreakers.  One of our young reporters, Ela, shares what life was like for the early pioneers at the secret war station on the a secluded countryside estate. Read more
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Exploring Tudor Heritage

A visit to Selly Manor in Bournville brought Tudor history to life for our Form 5 pupils. One of our young reporters, Raina, shares their experiences of what life was like in Tudor times.   *Reviewed by Young Reporter Raina (Form 5)* We now know some amazing things about the Tudors. Read more
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Portal to the Past: Ancient Greeks

The children enjoyed a day jam-packed with all things Ancient Greek! Th workshop hosted by expert historians Portals to the Past started with an introduction to Greek life and culture. Read more
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Happy Holidays with Freshwater Theatre Company

Visiting seaside holiday destinations from 1910 to the present day, the children in Form 2 explored how UK holidays and pastimes have changed over the past century in a session filled with holiday fun. Read more
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A Shared Moment of Celebration: VE Day 75th Anniversary

As the nation pauses to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the children have been studying the pictures and written accounts of the events on 8th May 1945, and the significance of the day. In this selection of acrostic poems Form 4 have captured the mood that swept the country that day. Read more