A production of the Shakespearean play that shall not be named!

Form 5 took National Shakespeare Week literally, rehearsing for exactly one week to perfect their performance of Macbeth. Scripts were handed out on Friday afternoon and, following a week of focused rehearsals during English lessons, the performance took place the following Friday.

Although an abridged version, the script was in the original language and Form 5 rose to the challenge that this presented, working hard to wrap their tongues and heads around the text in order to deliver their lines in a dramatic and convincing way.

The mood of the play was further enhanced by the use of dramatic lighting and the disturbing sound track, which was particularly effective in the witches’ scenes.

In order to offer as many speaking parts as possible the main characters were played by more than one pupil. Mr Hastings informed the audience of this before the performance explaining that each character could be recognised by a specific item of clothing such as a velvet cloak for Macbeth or a red dress for Lady Macbeth. The actors handled the transfer of these items smoothly effecting a seamless production and ensuring that the audience followed the intricacies of the plot.

Congratulations Form 5. A performance that I am sure the Bard himself would have enjoyed!