Eversfield Rugby Festival

Eversfield held its eighth annual Michaelmas Rugby Festival this term. The sun was shining, the pitches were immaculate and sporting their new Eversfield corner flags. The scene was set for an afternoon of rugby. The tournament enables players to start the season with a number of fixtures providing them not only with playing time, but also the opportunity to hone their skills. Four schools compete in a round-robin competition, with each team playing three 20 minute games. These four schools are Eversfield, Bablake, The Croft and King Henry VIII Prep.

Eversfield’s first match was against last year’s winners, The Croft. The team reacted to the fierce competition by focusing on their tactical play and increasing the speed of the game. Despite the home team’s hard work and perseverance, The Croft were comfortable winners.

Next, Eversfield played Bablake. Learning from their previous game, the team took a strong approach. They successfully pinned the opposition in their own half for large spells of the first half of the match, although resolute defending stopped them from scoring. As the game continued Bablake succeeded in scoring a couple of breakaway tries and were the eventual winners.

The third and final match for Eversfield was against King Henry’s. Eversfield started well, exerting a great deal of pressure on King Henry’s opposition, and Joshua broke through scoring the first try of the season. This was followed by a second and third, scored by Caiden. A forth try was scored in the second half, during which Eversfield succeeded in holding off any attack by King Henry’s to win the match. A tremendous end to the afternoon.

Congratulations to The Croft who retained the cup and to Caiden, who was named Eversfield’s Player of the Afternoon.