Mexican Fiesta

We have had an exciting visit from Primary Books this week. The whole school, from Kindergarten to Form 6, has visited the Book Fair and have been involved in storytelling and enjoyed learning about other cultures. We voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean to Mexico looking at the county’s pre-Colombian history and unearthing the secrets of the Aztecs, the country’s language, national dress and learning the artisan skill of paper crafting.

Much of what is considered modern Mexican culture derives from the Aztec civilization such as place names, words, food, art and costume.

Paper crafting is thought to be one of the imports from the Spanish ships when they arrived in Mexico. Since then, paper crafting has become an artisan skill and takes on many forms, such as paper flowers which are used to decorate parties, weddings and religious celebrations often substituting natural flowers.

Through intricate paper folding the children modelled beautiful and vibrant flowers and enjoyed singing and playing along to traditional songs.