In Touch with Science

It is British Science Week and all this week Mrs Sliney has been introducing the children to fascinating facts about how science touches their lives everyday. In ways perhaps they had not imagined.

From seeing the Doctor or visiting a hospital to the cars they drive in, the bridges they cross, the water they drink, the computer networks they use, the food they eat, the medicines they take, the energy they use, the aeroplanes they board and even what they learn about prehistoric fossils and archaeological artefacts. Particular thanks to our parents Dr Abbasi, Dr Banga, Dr Bower, Mrs Just, Mr Vidal, Mrs Bernard, Mr Shafi, Mrs Mistry, Mr Albertelli, Mr Rozier, Mr Odedra and Mrs Jarratt for sharing some of the STEM aspects of their working lives with us.

There were some creative entries to the Big Bridge Build Challenge. With just 5 pieces of A4 paper and a gap of 40cm to span, Forms 4, 5 and 6 needed to draw on all their science and engineering knowledge. Congratulations to Nina and Elliot, and Nico and Malini, whose bridges both supported an impressive 8kg.

To end the special week of activities, the children enjoyed a journey to outer space in our visiting planetarium. Kindergarten to Form 5 all enjoyed learning about the constellations in the night sky, hearing stories and singing songs.