Eversfield Review 2020 - 2021

It could be said that the year 2020-2021 has been an unusual one; perhaps a year that many of us will remember for the disruption caused by the global pandemic. At Eversfield it will be remembered for the innovative adaptations that teachers, pupils and parents made in order that our school continued to thrive and not only teach our pupils but to offer them the traditional range of opportunities that we always do. Online learning is no longer an approach of the future but a reality that has developed new skills and supported enhanced teaching and learning. Our parents too, have been able to become uniquely involved in lessons and see the extent of the activities, relationships and learning that takes place at School.

Of course, with the adaptations came some alternative approaches to everyday experiences and the usual timetable of events. Many activities took place without an audience and some took on different formats. There were no residential trips to UK or foreign destinations and many day visits could not go ahead. Form 6 pupils took entrance exams at home supervised over video links and prospective pupils had little chance to visit or experience a day in the life at Eversfield. However, you will see from this magazine that so much was preserved and pupils were not denied a range of exciting events and adventures. Every year is unique and this was no exception. I am sure it will be talked about for many years to come.


Mr Robert A Yates


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