The Greek Vase by Sania (3PF): Form 3 Creative Writing

Pupils in Form 3 have been reading an extract from a book called Here Comes Hercules. In this story, a boy called Tim is at home doing the dusting while he waits for his mum to come home from work. Disastrously, he drops and smashes his mum’s priceless Greek vase. As Tim dashes round in search of the superglue, suddenly he hears a booming voice, and an enormous figure appears.

Miss Freeman asked her class to continue the story from this point. There was some great writing from everyone, but here is Sania’s fantastic work.


The Greek Vase by Sania

Tim saw a dirty, old man with no t-shirt but torn shorts. Tim felt sorry for the man because he had no home.

“Who are you?” boomed the voice. Tim couldn’t say anything, he sat there and gazed at the man.

“My name is Tim, I … I am, so sorry to have disturbed y….you,” finally Tim murmured.

“No, you haven’t disturbed me, and because of that you can have 1 wish.” Tim’s eyes gleamed with delight.

“Please, please can you fix that old, Greek vase that you came out of?” Tim said, pleased that if the man fixed the vase mum wouldn’t go nuts.

“Sure,” uttered the man.

In no time pieces from the old, Greek vase were rising up from the floor in to where they were supposed to be. After about two minutes the vase didn’t even have a crack in it.

“Thank you,” said Tim in utter amazement.

“I think you had better have a shower and change in to my dad’s clothes,” and Tim looked at the smelly dirty man.

“Is anyone coming home?” scared that Tim’s mum would come rushing in.

“No my mum is coming back late from work,” Tim explained.

Tim started the shower while the man was taking off his clothes.

“I have started the shower and put some new clothes on the bed!” shouted Tim going downstairs. The old man came downstairs looking fresh and new.

“Where will you go now?” Tim asked.

“I can go in the old Greek vase, the bull is dead so I can stay there,” said the old man. Tim said goodbye then the man disappeared in to the vase. 5 minutes after Tim said goodbye to the man, mum came home.

His mum kissed him so many times because she was at work all day long.