Stand Up and Speak Out: National Anti-Bullying Week

We kicked the week off with our lovely peer mentors delivering a virtual assembly to the whole school, explaining the different types of bullying and what to do about it.  We were wearing odd socks of course like thousands of school children across the country who were supporting Odd Socks Day and celebrating what makes us all unique. In our forms we discussed what to do if ever you felt that you were being bullied or wanted to help someone you thought was being bullied

Class teachers followed this assembly during the week with varying activities. Form 2 (2HM) made a hands of friendship wreath where they considered how to be a good friend and Form 1 (1RB) read and discussed a poem called "Unique".

Form 5 (5GH) came up with an anti-bullying pledge and even decided to have their own class slogan "Stand Up and Speak Out", feeling that bystanders can make a big difference to a person who is being bullied.

Embracing the advantages of technology, the peer mentors had a Microsoft Teams meeting with the Wellbeing Ambassadors from King's High School where they shared ideas on how to connect with the rest of their peers and support them during these socially distanced times.

A highlight of the week for Form 4 (4SS) has been learning the lyrics and dance moves of the Odd Socks Day official song “The Kids are United and Can Never Be Divided! We heard reports of some very dodgy dance teaching from Mrs Sliney!