Portal to the Past: Ancient Greeks

The children enjoyed a day jam-packed with all things Ancient Greek!

Th workshop hosted by expert historians Portals to the Past started with an introduction to Greek life and culture. Dominic, our Greek warrior for the day, claimed that the Greeks invented a list of items including the pocket calculator, the programmable computer, swinging doors and plays with 3 parts (beginning, middle and end). The children had to vote with their feet and decide whether it was definitely true or absolutely not!

This was followed by a morning of engaging activities featuring a Greek quiz, with loads of fun Greek facts for the children to discover to extend their knowledge, and a team challenge to complete Archimedes’ Stomachion – the oldest known mathematical puzzle.

Nico proved to be a worthy opponent for Dominic, as they battled over a game of Petteia - the Greek strategy game which Dominic had introduced to the children before moving on to host a demonstration of weapons and armour, and exploring the differences between the city states of Athens and Sparta.

The children took part in their own mini version of Olympic Games with running, boxing and chariot racing, and the great battle of Gaugamela between Alexander the Great and King Darius rounded off an engaging and fun day.