Celebration of Chess Success

Eversfield’s chess players have been celebrating their recent success in the 2020 Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge.

During the Lent term 74 children took part in the preliminary Schools Stage of the competition which saw 22 players with the highest score in their age group enjoying success and qualifying to the next round called the Megafinal, where they will play a one day tournament against children from other schools.

Competition is fierce, but Mr James believes Eversfield has a number of skilful players with good ability for the game that have the potential to do well in the next round. Ultimately it is possible to qualify for the Terafinal competing across five age groups for the chance to become the School Chess Champion of the UK with a top prize of £2,000 on offer.

All the children who competed in the Schools Stage of the tournament were recognised with achievement certificates awarded this week in Headmaster’s online assembly.  The top players in each group received trophies with medals awarded to the runners up who all qualify for the next round.  

The UK Chess Challenge first took place in 1996 and has since grown into the largest children’s chess tournament in the world. Over 50,000 children in the UK compete and the beauty of the event is that it welcomes all-comers from beginners to National Champions and schools from all corners of the United Kingdom take part.

Many congratulations to all the participants!


2020 Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge: Awards and Player Participants

YEARS 4 to 6

Henry TC 5MS (1st Place)

Suleiman A 5GH (Gold Medal)

Seve B 6AB (Gold Medal)

Malakai E 6AB (Gold Medal)

Noah G 5GH (Gold Medal)

Amrit S 6AB (Gold Medal)

Olivia T 6AB

Sergio B 6PR

Henry C 5MS

Zayan C 6PR

Joseph D 6AB

Rupert D 6AB       

Neev H 6AB

Chloe J 6AB

Karan K 5GH

Oliver L 4SS

Daniel P 5MS

Rajan S 4ML

Vivienne S 4SS


YEARS 3 to 4

Viran K 3AH (1st Place)

Flynn A 4ML (Gold Medal)

Yahya E 4ML (Gold Medal)

Will J 4ML (Gold Medal)

Rayaan Q 3AH (Gold Medal)

Luke S 4SS (Gold Medal)

Aisha A 3PF

Krish D 3AH

Mariam D 3PF

Yuqing G 3AH

Lexi H 4SS

Remy M 4SS

Freddie R 3PF

Aidan Z 4ML



Logan B 2TS (1st Place Group 1)

Roshan A 2HM (1st Place Group 2)

Lincoln B 2TS (Silver Medal Group 1)

Ethan C 2HM (Silver Medal Group 1)

Oliver D 2HM (Silver Medal Group 2)

Luella H 2HM (Silver Medal Group 2)

Tofunmi A 2HM

Nico B 2TS

Malini B 2TS

Sophie B 2HM

Charles B 2HM

Jack C 2TS

Ranbir D 2HM

Leo G 2TS

Beha H 2HM

Asher I 2HM

Sarah I 2TS

Avaida L 2TS

Henry M 2TS

Arabella P 2TS

Daniel P 2TS

Henry S 2HM

Jessica W 2TS

Fa-Fa X 2HM



Lauren A 1CF (1st Place)

Daniel O 1RB (Bronze Medal)

Gurjot U 1CF (Bronze Medal)

Valentino B 1RB

Bethany B 1RB

Ella D 1RB

Mollie G 1RB

Inaaya H 1RB

Callum L 1CF

Sebastian L 1RB

Pierre LS 1CF

Louis M 1RB                              

Theodore M 1CF

Lena S 1RB

Roberta TC 1CF


Chess Club at Eversfield

Chess master and coach Russell James helps the children to learn and enjoy playing chess. Each session he teaches the ability to master the game and skilfully outwit their opponents. A typical lesson will include a friendly game, then some instruction or practical training followed by a competitive match.

Commenting on the popularity of Everfield’s lunchtime chess club, Mr James said: “Apart from being fun, chess has a lot of educational benefits. It teaches problem solving skills and also gives the children an opportunity to socialise with each other and widen their friendship groups. I love running the club at Eversfield. I get a lot from seeing the children learn and enjoy the game.”


About Russell James

Mr James is a Chess Master and has been teaching chess full-time for 15 years. He has competed at the British Championships several times, won the Midland Open twice and won the West of England Championships. A number of his students have represented England and won national junior championships but his focus is firmly on making the game both educational and fun for all his students, regardless of their ability.