Showcase of Creativity: RA Young Artists' Summer Show.

In a vibrant showcase of creativity and imagination, pupils from across the school have embraced the opportunity to share their artistic visions with the world through the Royal Academy of Arts Young Artists' Summer Show.

From colourful paintings to intricate pencil drawings each of the 18 submissions to the show offers a glimpse into the unique perspective of our young artists. Whether inspired by nature, dreams or everyday life, the entries are a testament to the power of art to provoke thought, evoke emotion and provide joy through self expression. 

Visitors to the Eversfield Open Afternoon and ESA Summer Fayre will have the opportunity to visit a special pop-up showcase gallery featuring the work of 30 pupils including all the submissions to the Royal Academy of Arts Young Artists' Summer Show.


A sample of the artists' perspective (photos featured):

I love nature and the scenery but what about a POP of different colours like pink and blue, so this artwork is form what’s inside my head and mix it up a little. I love painting. This is a calming painting, set in the night.

I chose to do a dog because ever since I was a young girl I have loved dogs and now have one of my own. My favourite part is his midnight black eyes and his big, long fluffy ears. It’s a pencil drawing of a very friendly Labrador. If I was to give him a name I would name him Joe. I really wanted to capture the darker areas of Joe’s fur. I think that the black and white design really helps Joe’s eyes to look so much deeper and black.

I chose Spiderman as it is my favourite superhero and because I thought it was really hard for me but I did it really good in my opinion but I had to rub out a few things. I have done Spiderman a few times now like in maths when I drew a Spiderman out of circles. I also love how funny Spiderman is and how he is so brave and determined he is.

This is a drawing of a fantasy, It is called Etermiss, the demonical deceiver.

Renegade Raider is one of the rarest skins in the game Fortnite. You could only get it if you have played season 1 of the game. This outfit is a hero in Save the World known as Shrapnel Headhunter. Raider is a character from an unknown reality that has escaped The Loop and has been on the island since season 1. She joins the rebel group Bandolette, Magnus, Bonehead and more.

I made this drawing, as it can have many different stories, but I choose the story, and it is about a girl who has lost her father, and her life is very meaningless. I drew it with no colour because it means her eye is lifeless, with no meaning. She is very organised, as she could still put mascara on, even if she is at her lowest.

My picture is what I think my future mummy will look like. The idea for this came out of love for my mum. She is kind and beautiful. My art is from the heart; I don’t do it for pride or medals but from my love for it. My imagination runs wild so I could have done something random and crazy but I chose the one person that comforted me the most, my mum. I did this with pencil as a sketch, I tried to get it to reflect my mum, simple, warm and beautiful.