Linguistic Diversity

We firmly believe that linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding. This week’s programme to mark European Day of Languages provided opportunity to extend the children’s language knowledge and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our pupils.

Over 40 children stepped forward to share their language knowledge in Upper School Assembly. It was inspiring to hear 23 different languages spoken, including Albanian, Creole, Corsican, Bengali, Japanese, Tamil, Mandarin, Turkish, Czech, Igbo, Polish, Urdu, Portuguese and Greek! The children all shared useful words and phrases and some children wrote poems and sang songs.

Mrs Baldwin took the children in Upper School on a virtual tour to Iceland to experience the Northern Lights and they learnt about the ancient Viking roots of Icelandic. In Middle School the children had the opportunity to combine their cultural curiosity and love of art by learning about flamenco music and dance and made their own flamenco fans.