Encounters with King John

At Worcester Cathedral Form 4 encountered King John and enjoyed exploring its ancient crypt, medieval cloisters and royal tombs. The 1000 year old Cathedral is a stunning setting to consolidate the pupil’s medieval knowledge learned this term and build their cultural capital.

Thank you to our two young reporters Sarah and Mabel for sharing their ten out of ten experience of the day.


Young Reporter Sarah 4PF

When we arrived we sat in a room and met our different guides. We were given a clipboard so we could draw on it, and it had lots of activities for us to do. First we went to the tomb of King John and saw that it had been moved in front of the High Alter as he was buried in a corner. There was AMAZING artwork everywhere and we saw the cathedra and I sat on it! After that we made stained glass windows and grotesques and gargoyles. We had a full tour with time in the middle for lunch and snacks. You think it couldn’t get better, but it does, as there is a shop. It was really fun and I give this trip a ten out of ten!


Young Reporter Mabel 4PF

On Wednesday 27th April we went on a trip to Worcester Cathedral. We went on a coach and when we got off we went to a room. We were the only people in the room. The only other people that could come in were the staff and volunteers. Through the day there was a series of activities. First we were split into groups. In my group we went around the Cathedral looking for special things and if we found it we would draw it. After we did a scavenger hunt, we came back to our room and had a snack that we had brought. After we had a snack, we had a game it was called labyrinth and you had to make all the decisions.  

After lunch we made stained glass windows, gargoyles out of clay and had a maths challenge. We saw King John’s Tomb and Prince Arthur’s. We went to King John’s Tomb and answered questions about his tomb. We went back to our room and had a pop up shop and as we went out the door we got shells and went on the coach back to school.


To discover more about the significance of Mabel’s shell click here and read about the 15th Century pilgrim unearthed at Worcester Cathedral that has been restored and forms part of a new display.