Caring and Sharing our Harvest

Harvest season is well progressed and this week during assembly it was celebrated in some very special ways. The story of how we can all sometimes wrongly judge people was portrayed through role play with Upper School, and children in Lower School shared an important lesson on how by helping each other you can overcome a problem together.

Mr Biggs explained to Upper School that he hadn’t eaten any breakfast and he needed to eat before lessons started. Much to their astonishment, he tucked into a tin of cat food and invited Ms Leonard-Cross and some of the children to join him. All agreed how tasty it was! He then revealed that in fact he had switched labels and they had been eating delicious cherries.

The important message Mr Biggs went on to share was how appearances can be deceptive and we should not always make judgement of situations, or people, based on what we initially see, what someone wears, how they dress, where they live, how they speak or indeed what they eat. He reminded the children that harvest is a time for sharing and helping others prepare for the winter ahead.

Children in Lower School learned that sometimes you need help from others to be able to help yourself. Mr Biggs unveiled his specially adapted long-handled spoons and invited his volunteers to feed themselves a few smarties. Despite their best efforts it was not possible. But working together, they figured out they could feed each other and realised the importance of helping others in life.


Click to WATCH the Harvest Assembly video and listen to Form 1 sing their harvest song