Tempestuous triumph!

The national celebration of Shakespeare week is recognised at Eversfield each year and provides children with an opportunity to experience at first hand the work of one of the world’s most famous playwrights.

Every year, the English department select a different play for pupils in Form 5 to rehearse and perform in the space of just one week. Lines, in the original language penned by the bard, are learnt in lieu of other homework, stage directions are blocked and refined, and the children showcase their experiences in a performance in front of the school and their parents.

This year’s choice of play was The Tempest, a magical, mysterious play filled with strangeness and illusion. Themes of power and authority, revenge and reconciliation present complex and difficult questions about human nature. Additionally, as many of the characters in the play were performed by several different pupils, the children had to be extremely organised and professional in their approach to the performance.

The final performance was spell-binding and captivating, conveying the magic of the story and showcasing the wealth of acting talent in Form 5. Well done to all the pupils involved for their hard work and many thanks to the parents for all their support with learning lines at home.

‘Our revels now are ended’ but Form 5 will be able to look back at the performance with much pride and a great sense of achievement.