Land, Sea and Air Adventure (Form 6 Residential Trip)

At the PGL Little Canada Activity Centre on the Isle of Wight Form 6 enjoyed the excitement and freedom of the outdoors and faced the physical and emotional challenges of a whole range of adventure activities to build their resilience, encourage co-operation and develop independent thinking. Read more of their adventures from Remy and Faizan two of our young reporters who enjoyed the trip


By Faizan H

I have to say the Isle of Wight was quite an amazing experience, full of joy and energy.

I really enjoyed how I could interact and get to know the instructors as they inspired me to keep trying. Even though I was away from my family, it felt like I had a new one.

Every day was a new adventure full of surprises and activities. You may be thinking that you need to be fit, that is what I thought, but I endured all the activities and sometimes had a drink I managed to complete them.

My absolute favourite activities were rock climbing and vertical challenge because of the tension. It was a bit scary, but I liked that because at least it wasn’t boring, but exciting. I also knew that I was very safe and the instructors comforted me as I persevered.
Overall the Isle of Wight trip was an unforgettable one which I will always have a space for in my heart.


By Remy M

The Isle of Wight was one of the best trips I have had, it was amazing. On the first day, Monday, we travelled by coach to Portsmouth, then a ferry to the isle of Wight and then a short coach trip to PGL, Little Canada. When we arrived we went to our rooms and unpacked our stuff and decided who slept where.

We then went outside and had an explore of where we were staying. This was followed by dinner. We had a big choice of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was amazing, we all loved it. They had a blackboard as you came in saying what it contained so you knew what you could eat.

There were lots of activities including; climbing, kayaking, archery, vertical challenge, tunnel trail, team games and interactive tasks. All the instructors were really nice especially Lauren who looked after our school, and they all helped us out if we got stuck.
We all had a great week and all the activities were really fun. The memories will be treasured in our minds forever.